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SureFlight’s Avionics shop is led by industry veteran Chris Vinciguerro who has multiple decades of experience performing avionics installations, advanced troubleshooting, bench repairs, and training. In addition to his technical expertise, Chris also has experience as an FAA Repair Station Accountable Manager, performing Avionics Sales, Seminars, and management of several avionics shops. When your cockpit panel is out and it looks like a big pile of spaghetti, you want someone with Chris’s experience, expertise, and acumen putting it all back together again! SureFlight also employs other very talented technicians with military and aircraft OEM avionics experience in addition to General Aviation.

SureFlight dealerships include the most prominent avionics OEMs in the business. See our Avionics Dealers list here.

When you choose an avionics shop, you need the latest technological innovations installed by very experienced technicians. In addition to brand new all-glass panel retrofits, for the budget minded, SureFlight also knows how to integrate existing avionics with new technology so that they work together. We are happy to work on projects both big and small. With Avionics, Paint, and Interiors, SureFlight is a one stop shop for your aircraft refurbishment and completion projects. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you on your aircraft.

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