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Whether you are buying a new aircraft or your aircraft is down for maintenance, repair, overhaul, and inspection, SureFlight is widely regarded as the place to obtain expert custom paint jobs, small repair painting and full completions with meticulously crafted interiors. Invested in bringing our customers the highest quality available, SureFlight has built a state-of-the-art facility that equips our talented technicians with the best tools of the trade.


SureFlight expanded its facility five-fold in 2010 to include a new Double Down Draft Paint Hangar that can fit mid size fixed wing jets or large helicopter frames with main rotor blades installed - plus cowlings, doors and parts.

The Double Down Draft Paint Hangar has two independent air make-up units that can heat the air to 170 degrees F and exchange the hangar air volume every 48 seconds.


Combining two separate air make-up units with a curtain down the center, we can paint two helicopters without main rotor blades as the hangar becomes two separate paint booths. Combined with our original paintbooth, we can paint three large helicopter airframes at once.

State-of-the-art paint booths are only part of the story. SureFlight has the necessary space to provide all the support functions required before, during and after the paint job. The third hangar is a “clean space” for receiving, R&R of cowlings, doors and parts, layouts, detailing and re-delivery.

The fourth hangar is a “prep hangar” for stripping, sanding and performing body work. Nothing is worse than contaminating paint booths with sanding dust, so we keep this facility the farthest away.

With all the hangars combined, SureFlight has one of the largest independent painting facilities in the country. It is perfectly suited for turn key helicopter and mid size fixed wing jet aircraft painting.

 Interior Shop Sewing Machines

SureFlight's interior completion center is equipped the finest equipment available in the marketplace, from German made Duerkopp-Adler sewing machines to state-of-the-art digital leather skiving machines used by companies such as Cessna, Hawker, Gulfstream, and Falcon.


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