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There are plenty of articles about ADS-B on the internet.  The FAA has a FAQ that can be found here.

The short and skinny version is that you need to know a few things:

  1. The FAA has mandated ADS-B equipment to be installed by January 1, 2020 in order to fly in, above, or around certain Class A, B, C, and E airspace.
  2. This mandate is not going away.
  3. All of the Avionics OEMs have designed and brought to market their ADS-B solutions.  New innovation between now and 1/1/2020 is unlikely.
  4. Prices for ADS-B equipment has stabilized.  They are not coming down.  Prices may go up due to market demand as 1/1/2020 approaches.
  5. It will be increasingly difficult to schedule time with avionics shops for ADS-B compliance as 1/1/2020 approaches.
  6. The time to act is now.

ADS-B has two parts:  “ADS-B Out” and “ADS-B In”.

To be compliant, you only need “ADS-B Out”.  “ADS-B Out” transmits information including your aircraft registration number, altitude, airspeed, and GPS location to air traffic control and other participating aircraft.  SureFlight has an affordable “all in one ADS-B Out” transponder upgrade that leaves the rest of your panel alone.

Optional “ADS-B In” allows your aircraft to receive subscription free traffic by receiving the “ADS-B Out” information sent by other aircraft or ground stations.  You also receive subscription free weather from ground stations which provides constantly updated graphical NEXTRAD radar, METARs, TAFs, TFRs, AIRMETs while in the air.

SureFlight’s owners are pilots that own and fly several aircraft including helicopter, jet, turbo prop, and single engine piston airplanes.  We have to make the same decisions you do.  We have analyzed all the solutions from the unique perspective of being pilots that have access to all of the latest and greatest ADS-B equipment.

If you desire the ADS-B-In traffic and weather benefits, SureFlight has affordable solutions including:

  1. Portable “ADS-B In”, panel mounted, or remote “ADS-B In/Out” solutions that displays traffic and weather on an iPad or Android tablet.
  2. “All in one ADS-B In/Out” transponder that has built in touch screens to display traffic and weather.
  3. ADS-B transponders that integrate with panel mounted GPS Navigators and PFD/MFD’s to display traffic and weather.

Whatever your budget or upgrade goals, SureFlight has a wide range of ADS-B solutions from the top brands in the business.


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